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See What Clients Are Saying About Us

See What Clients Are Saying About Us:

Since joining your team for coupon redemption, we here at Mick-or-Mack IGA are very pleased with RPR! Your reporting is great and gives us insights to what has been paid and what is pending. We had an issue with Pepsi not paying some coupons we had submitted and you guys took the lead after we inquired about this. Within a few weeks our coupons were paid!Any time we call RPR, your employees are more than helpful to answer our questions or take further action if needed. I discovered RPR thru an IGA newsletter and after making the switch from another clearing house that was not meeting our needs, we could not be happier with the service we have received from RPR. I would recommend your company to anyone looking to switch to a coupon clearing house that actually gets our money for coupons submitted.Thanks and keep up the great work!
Mike Carper
Mick-or-Mack IGA
New Castle, VA
August 2015

When I started at Victory Petroleum two years ago, we didn’t accept coupons. Everyone feared not being paid the correct amounts, not being paid timely, and not having reliable customer service. In my search for a coupon processor, I came across many companies, but none offered the excellent support and timely responses I found with RPR. From the initial email requesting setup information, to routine email requests asking for payment updates, the RPR team always responds in a timely, professional manner. Also, Victory Petroleum has been very satisfied with the reliability of payments from RPR, to the extent we expanded the amount of locations accepting coupons. We look forward to continued growth in our business relationship and I would highly recommend RPR to anyone in search of a coupon processor.
Sean Seepersaud
Retail Business Analyst
Victory Petroleum, Miami, FL
December 2014

Recognizing that payment reconciliation issues, unexplained shortages, high chargebacks and additional fees are an increasing problem among coupon redemption services, we at IGA understand the importance of finding a coupon services company that is both competent and trustworthy. With that in mind, I wanted to make you aware that after careful research, IGA endorsed Redemption Processing Representatives, Inc. (RPR) as its coupon services company of choice for use by IGA USA Retailers.
Mark Batenic
June 2014
Thank you ever so much… What a class act organization!
Denise Parent
EPI Marketing, Inc.
November 2013
Working with RPR in the past as a coupon processor or today as a coupon clearinghouse is always a pleasure. Ron Fischer is very knowledgeable, open and willing to share when it comes to the coupon industry and business but, most importantly, Ron is honest. If you have been around the coupon business for a few years, you know those qualities very rarely co-exist together. I look forward to a continued business relationship with RPR and its great staff in years to come. Thank you team!
Michael Porteous
VP Client Services
Promotion Solutions
August 2013

I’ve been working at Huff’s Drug Store for a little over two years and not long after I was hired on, I obtained the job of keeping all coupon data organized as well as sending in coupons on a monthly basis. The redemption company we were with at the time was always very difficult to get a hold of. When needing assistance with a problem, it would usually take up to two weeks to get a call back from an actual human being. I’ve never dealt with such horrible customer service. Most importantly, we seldom got paid for our coupons, usually I would receive notices of needing proof of purchase for EVERYTHING we would send in and once I sent that, we still never saw a check. It amazes me how a company like that can stay in business.

I found Ron Fischer through a lady that at the time worked for Huff’s. I sent him an email and got an immediate response. I explained to him that I was not happy with the service I had been getting from my current coupon company and he told me all about RPR. A few quick and easy forms later, we were ready to send coupons. RPR not only sends me emails with updates, gives us courtesy calls, but they ensure our coupons get paid for. I’ve only had to send proof of purchase ONCE. Anytime I have a question or need help, they always answer the phone directly and it’s nice to hear a friendly voice on the other end. I couldn’t be happier with the service we have gotten from RPR and I plan to continue sending our coupons to them from now till forever. I would recommend RPR to anyone seeking a reliable coupon company.

Amanda Mayfield
Customer Service
Huff's Drug Store, Ellijay, GA
January 2013
Prior to signing on with Redemption Processing Representatives, Inc., handling of coupons was always a nightmare. After compiling the coupons, and sending them on to the manufacturers, I rarely, if at all, received any redemption. RPR has taken the difficulty out of the process. They remind us to ship monthly and their payments are always timely. If any issues do arise, they handle them directly and very professionally. Now that RPR has taken over the coupon processing for my store, I can readily accept coupons from my customers, which has shown to be beneficial both financially and with regard to customer relations. I would definitely recommend working with RPR on any coupon redemptions.
Michelle St. Andre
Nature's Harvest LLC, Blairstown, NJ - In Business Since 1988
December 2012

As manager of Elmora Healthcare for the past 12 years, coupon redemption has always been an issue. We have dealt with numerous coupon processors over the years and even at one point tried to send coupons directly to the manufacturers for redemption. Payments were slow and inconsistent. Tracking the shipments and payments was an impossible nightmare… so we gave RPR a shot. WOW! I finally have faith that my coupons will be paid, and if they aren’t, I will at least hear from RPR as to why. I’m grateful for finding RPR and their processing system. It is incredibly easy, and I usually see the first payments come in within 20 days of them receiving my package. I can’t express how satisfied I have been with my RPR service.
Ben Hertz
Elmora Pharmacy, Elizabeth, NJ
November 2012

Ron Fischer with RPR has been an active partner of the Arizona Food Marketing Alliance Coupon Operation since October of 2008. Ron is as good as his word…. since partnering with RPR, Ron has tackled any issue or concern that I have had throughout the transition swiftly and thoroughly. He has successfully recovered thousands of dollars from charge backs owed to the Association and is actively working with each of our retail customers to ensure their success in getting their coupons paid in a timely manner. His customer service is impeccable.
Raynetta Hughes
Administrative Coordinator
Arizona Food Marketing Alliance
January 23, 2009

It is great to have the opportunity to be working with Ron Fischer again. Ron and I spent a significant number of years working together at Lever Brothers Company. Ron and I collaborated very closely during the 1980’s and 1990’s. This work was related to Lever Brothers National Accounts and Trade Development Sectors. These sectors represented over 30% of Lever’s $2.2 billion business. In addition, Ron was a key interface to our state and national trade association portals and contacts.

Ron brought a very high level of energy, professionalism, ethics and creativity to this environment. His pro-active initiatives were a tremendous asset with our largest customers as well as the entire industry on a national basis.

In addition to the value added to Lever Brothers business at the time, Ron also served as a valuable asset and enhancement to the Unilever – United States Enterprise. Ron served as Chairman of the Unilever Coupon Committee. This business group included the operations of Thomas J Lipton Company, Chesebrough Ponds, Shedd’s, Van den Berg Foods, and Ragu. Today, this Unilever North America Group represents over $12 billion in annual revenue value.

As Manager of Coupon Operations, Ron’s skill sets and work ethic enabled both Lever Brothers Company and Unilever – United States to be positioned as pro-active enterprises and industry leaders in coupon issues, initiatives and solutions.

Larry McCurry
a Unilever Executive for 30 years
Joined RPR Team in 2008
September 2008
I first met Ron Fischer many years ago at a coupon seminar while he was working at Unilever. I was relatively new to the coupon industry and needed an education, since that was one of my responsibilities with my job at Tropicana. I was immediately impressed with Ron’s knowledge of the industry, and sought out his advice and counsel on some issues we were going through at Tropicana.When Ron left Unilever and started his own business, I kept in touch with him with the intent that I would use his services one day. Ron has the ability to cut through the red tape and get to the heart of the situation. He works hard to recover every possible dollar he can for his clients.

My career has taken me to a company that has not been involved in coupons to any extent. But, with the purchase of Louis Kemp and their large retail presence I feel that will change in the not-to-distant future. Rest assured, at that point I will recommend Ron’s services to our retail division.
Jenny Gummel
Rebates/Promotions Manager
Trident Seafoods Corp
Seattle, WA

Ron’s company was actually a client of the company I worked for and through this client relationship we developed a fantastic trusting business friendship over the years. Ron ultimately started his own company and the businesses continued the working relationship. Our companies worked together in many industry organizations as well… especially where fraud was/is a critical issue in the industry. Ron’s company is the ONLY Company in the country DEDICATED to making every effort to putting a complete stop to the misuse, abuse and fraudulent use of coupons! If it’s about coupon redemption, he is the MASTER!Beverly Barr
Formerly with Inmar and In Store Media
January 2000