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Specializing in Processing, Deduction Management, and Consulting

Manufacturer Services

One of Ron’s major accomplishments recognized by Unilever was with coupon deductions. Ron and his department reduced deductions by several million dollars while maintaining excellent trade relations. In 1996, RPR introduced this service to Ocean Spray. Some of our other larger clients have been Kimberly-Clark, S.C. Johnson, and Gerber. For most of our clients, we have collected considerably more than we charged.

RPR’s Coupon Deduction Management Service includes:

  • Researching ALL Coupon Deductions no matter how small.
  • Maintain detailed reports by retailer by the 2 primary deduction reasons.
    • Late – Invoices not Paid or paid, but not within the retailer’s requirements.
    • Chargebacks / Adjustments – Invoices in which the manufacturer paid in accordance with their policy.
  • Act as Collection Agent for all deductions.
  • Provide monthly reconciliation between the Mfr and RPR’s systems.
  • Provide recommendations to improve the overall process.

Other RPR Manufacturer Services include:

  • Redemption Policies
  • Special Projects such has assist with finding the best Agents based on the client’s needs.