A Coupon Services Company
Specializing in Processing, Deduction Management, and Consulting

About Us

Ron’s Background

Ron Fischer has been in the Consumer Package Goods Industry for over 25 years, including a 14-year career with Unilever. In Ron’s last position, he managed Coupon Operations for Lever Bros. and Van den Berg. His responsibilities included negotiating with and managing the processing vendors, chargebacks and deductions, being the representative for ACP, ABC, CIC, JICC, and chairing the Unilever Coupon Committee.

RPR’s Highlights

In 1994, Ron left Unilever and founded RPR to provide Coupon Deduction Management as well as Promotional and Consulting Services. These services have included, but are not limited to, Alternative Processing, Redemption Policies, Retail Clearinghouses, Family Codes, Vendor Search, Contract Negotiation, and Conversion Management.

In 2006, RPR expanded their services to include Retail Processing, and helped to create an alliance of companies dedicated to serving the coupon industry. RPR’s role was to provide all customer and consultant services within the alliance. Our mission was to reduce coupon chargebacks for our retailers, while providing a fully auditable program that complies with industry guidelines.

In early 2012, RPR discontinued their services with the alliance and created their own Retail Clearinghouse process. RPR has contracted with Phoenix Global Data to provide coupon processing services, and has developed FACTS™, our Fully Auditable Coupon Tracking System, in order to handle all coupon shipments, payments, adjustments, and reversals

Awards and Achievements

2015 – Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Coupon Professionals
2009 – Entrepreneurial Success Award from the Warren County Chamber of Commerce
2006 – Co-chaired the ACP’s Annual Conference
2001 – ACP’s Industry Impact Award

Associations and Organizations

Association of Coupon Professionals (ACP)

Ron has been a member of the Association of Coupon Professionals since 1990, serving on the Board and as an Officer during much of that time. In 2003, he was elected as President and served in this capacity until 2005. Ron has participated and/or chaired various Committees including Chargeback Guidelines, Family Code, Postage, Website, Best Practices and Membership.

Food Industry Association of Executives (FIAE)

In 2004, Ron attended their annual conference, representing the ACP. He saw the opportunity for growth and became a member in 2005. RPR has provided services to the Northwest Grocers Association and the Montana Food Distributors Association, and currently still services the Arizona Food Merchants Association.

The Alternative Board (TAB)

RPR joined TAB in early 2009 to help keep abreast of all the latest technology and improve our bottom line. We are very pleased with the results we have achieved.