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By on Oct 28, 2015 in Blog, Coupon Industry News, Coupon Offer Notifications & Problem Coupons |

The following new coupon offer notification has been broadcast by the CMS today:


Manufacturer Offer Code Coupon $ Value
Home Market Foods 141002 $1.50

Home Market Foods, Inc Inmar Dept. #36669 has a coupon in circulation with offer code 141002 that was printed
with an incorrect barcode. This coupon has a face value of $1.50 for Any Cooked Perfect Stuffed Meatballs and
expires on December 31, 2015.
Please review the link with the coupon image and notification below:
CMS 102715 Home Market 141002_ Offer Notification
*The coupon barcode should redeem at the printed value of $1.50 on the coupon and not the scan value of $1.00.*
Please send all coupons to the following address:
Home Market Foods, Inc
Inmar Dept. #36669
One Fawcett Drive
Del Rio, TX 78840